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Why is Email Marketing Important to my Company?

email marketing in virginia

Newsletters are an emerging way to get your companies news and services out to the masses. Here at VistaGraphics we produce newsletters for corporate and client promotional uses. Most of our corporate email marketing campaigns are an accompaniment to a magazine that we publish. For our client email marketing campaigns, we strive to give our clients many cross promotion capabilities and more than one way advertise their company’s services to the public. Using our opted in email lists of over 100,000 subscribers does just that in an eco-friendly way to boot! Our email marketing campaigns are permission based and highly targeted. Targeting options such as age, gender, household income levels, etc. Opt-in database and are 100 % spam compliant.

For our clients as well as our own company use, we start by building out a business plan strategy. What are the goals for promotion of the brand? Which type of strategy does it need? Do they need a time-based promotion or non-promotional email? Time-based promotions are emails containing time-sensitive messages which encourage the reader to take action, for example, purchasing a product, registering for a new class, or booking an appointment. Non-promotional emails are sales-driven and are for establishing relationships and giving value to customers. Non-promotional emails enable marketers to determine the interests of their subscribers, thus helping with mailing list segmentation.

Some companies only sign up for an email blast, usually to promote a time-based promotion. Other client’s partner with us to produce their monthly newsletter. Which ever the case, VistaGraphics can help your company figure out the best options for you.

To learn more about Email Marketing Strategies for your company, contact:
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