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Why Does your Business Need a Website?

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Pretty much every business owner these days knows they need a digital presence. How do you go about that? VistaGraphics can help you from the beginning.

After the creation of your Google Business listing, Vistagraphics can develop a website for your company to get your digital presence started. We have tools that will integrate your Google Business account into your website that really moves your SEO out in front. Why not use all the tools to increase your digital presence! Right?!!

What happens next after the launch of your website? We will help you create your Social Media accounts. Facebook and Instagram are usually the first to set up. Why? Well they are now both owned by Facebook and work seamlessly together. You can link your Facebook and Instagram accounts so that when you post to one, it automatically posts on the other as well. Did you know that? If not, we can help guide you through the process.

The next step is the get you business listing out there online wherever you can. To make things easier for yourself, make all business listings consistently the same. For help with setting up your digital directory listings, use these posts:

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•  9 Essential Local Business Directory Sites and What to Include in the Listings

Hey, everyone wants their website on page one of an online search right? Then your website should have a blog. VistaGraphics already knows this a will always recommend your website have a blog. Having a blog will increase your SEO. Every time VistaGraphics posts a blog article for you, we submit the article to the search engines for review to index your article. This simple technique lets the search engines know the article is new relevant content you have posted to your website. The long term effect is your website will be seen as a reliable source and your page rank will get better.

For more about blogging for your business, check out these posts:

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Contact William Warford today to find out other ways VistaGraphics can help your business achieve its digital presence!

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