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VistaGraphics recognized in CIO Review

jay bellamy

VistaGraphics was recently recognized in the Digital Marketing Edition of CIO Review as “Most Promising Digital Marketing Services Company 2022”.

VistaGraphics, Inc: Simplifying Marketing in the Digital Age

The world of marketing is wading through unknown waters of an evolving digital culture, presenting brands with a new way to interact with customers in a new way and creating meaningful relationships. While unsustainable marketing strategies are being replaced with digital ones, it is challenging to discern what works—and more importantly—what does not, particularly for brands with limited digital marketing experience and knowledge of recent trends. This is where companies like VistaGraphics open up a wealth of growth opportunities for

A marketing powerhouse, VistaGraphics was established in 1985 with a focus on high-quality publications. With its roots in hospitality publishing, the company is charting the course for long-term success for its clients through the power of digital marketing. VistaGraphics has weathered the storm of ever-changing market demands to evolve as a media company offering custom publishing and graphics, lifestyle publishing, web publishing, website design and development, digital target display advertising, SEO and SEM, app development, event management. The company is committed to bridging the knowledge and awareness gap when it comes to understanding today’s digital media solutions.

“Our ability to stay abreast and knowledgeable of the latest innovations has been a game-changer for building the roadmap to success for the clients through digital media,” says Jay Bellamy, Director of Digital Sales, VistaGraphics. The company takes pride in collaborating with numerous well-known and highly trusted traditional media brands for its print publications.

In a market replete with digital media solutions, tools, and services, VistaGraphics finds its unique place with over 35 years of rich experience in traditional media and its ability to leverage digital to find the best publishing solutions for its clients. As digitalization takes over, the company has sprung into action to help its clients transition to digital solutions. VistaGraphics steers enterprises in the right direction when it comes to programmatic advertising, email marketing, internet marketing, web visitor ID needs, and more. Clients also approach VistaGraphics for OTT and connected TV, and mobile ad messenger services. This wide array of services is meticulously designed to target specific audiences with laser accuracy and allow a hyper-local approach.

In a highly competitive world of programmatic advertising, businesses leverage VistaGraphics’ cutting-edge digital targeting for numerous functions, including geo-fencing, site retargeting, search or contextual targeting, and geo-targeting. With Vista Digital Agency (VDA), marketers can benefit from enhanced reporting for monitoring campaign performance and increased viewability for ads. With the solution’s “Look Back” feature, marketers can use targeted ads for users who have been in a specific location within the previous 12 months. VDA enables high-quality websites and apps and also empowers marketers with demographic data to ensure that the right audience is reached.

Essentially serving enterprises across two broad divisions— hospitality and lifestyle—VistaGraphics has an impressive track record in driving digital media success for its clients. A greater part of this success can be credited to the VistaGraphics’ dynamic team that specializes in listening to and understanding customers’ media needs. As trusted advisors, the team ensures that it meets and exceeds customer expectations in an ever-evolving marketing world.

Numerous client success stories are testimony to the marketing excellence that VistaGraphics brings to the table. As the world was disrupted by the pandemic outbreak in 2020, VistaGraphics continued to provide uninterrupted service to its clients, including the Virginia Department of Health, to spread the word about vaccinations through its ad messenger programs. At a time when businesses were slowing down and witnessing poor marketing performance, VistaGraphics was able to turn the tide and make this campaign successful.

Moving forward, VistaGraphics aims to script more client success stories, helping take their businesses to greater heights.

This article was published by the CIO Review.
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