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VistaGraphics Launches New Publication for Lynchburg

VistaGraphics launched a new publication for Lynchburg called “Be Well Lynchburg” in 2018. This annual supplement will focus on healthy lifestyles, outdoor activities, pain management, injury and preventative care, diet and nutrition, health trends, overall wellness, etc. This will captivate and motivate specific reader interests and will become an annual reference.

• 20,000 total circulation throughout the region
• Distributed at area health centers, gyms, medical clinics, advertisers and select Lynchburg Living Magazine outlets and more.

Special “Ask the Expert” Rates:
“Ask the Expert” guarantees an additional page of advertorial copy. This advertorial page will be placed in a special section of the magazine giving your investment two impressions. These are exclusive based upon the following options: Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Dental Oral, Dental Orthodontist, Dental Surgery, General Dentistry, Diet/Weight Loss, Eyewear, Eyecare, Massage, Natural Medicine, Nutrition, Orthopedic, Physical Therapy, Skincare, Sports Medicine, Wellness, Women’s Healthcare and Men’s Healthcare. Special Expert Activities: Athletic Trainers, Biking, Fitness Activities, Kayaking, Mountain Climbing, Paddleboarding, Running/Jogging, Snow Skiing, Snowboarding and Yoga/Pilates. Specific additional topics can be available; however, these need management approval.


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