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Tips on getting your Website HOLIDAY READY!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Holidays are coming and that means Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and the New Year. An Estimated 87% of consumers will be shopping for gifts via the internet this holiday season. That’s a big number! If your company has a website, optimizing it for the holiday shopping season will ensure you can meet those increased demands. 

 Make Sure Your Website if ADA / WCAG Compliant 

What is ADA/WCAG compliance? In 1990 the Americans with Disabilities Act was developed to make sure that all people with disabilities have the same access to public businesses. With so many using the internet, if your company has a storefront and a website with an online presence, the compliance pertains to you. 19% of the people in  this country alone have disabilities. If your website is not compliant you are literally missing out on millions of potential customers. You can do simple things such as, captioning videos for those that can’t hear, or providing alternative text to an image for those who can’t see are equally important so that there is never a limit to who can shop your site.  

Vista Digital Agency has a team of experts that can get your website fully compliant which will increase your audience as well as consumer numbers. 

Use Holiday Specific Keywords on Your Website and in your Advertising 

Using words like Christmas, Sale, Black Friday, Christmas Shopping, and others will not only help your SEO Efforts, it will help more people find you and your products online.   If you can’t think of holiday-specific keywords, imagine you were searching for your product on a search engine, what words would you use to describe your products? SEO is an important part of any website. If you have questions, Vista Digital Agency is here to help drive local online and mobile leads to your business through Search Engine Optimization. 

 Plan Your Holiday Promotions 

Make a decision on what you want to feature online for the holiday season, sales and at what discount they will be offered. Work on your marketing campaign, have a great call to action and eye-catching graphics for the sale so you won’t be scrambling when it comes time to publish the deal. Make sure you have enough stock on all items. Figure out what needs to sell to help you break even. If you are prepared, it will be an easy transition into the holidays. 

 Make sure your site is responsive to mobile devices. 

This simply means – does your page look just as clear on a mobile phone as it does on a desktop computer? The most common device used by shoppers is a cell phone. If all of the information is jumbled on a smaller screen, it is likely the customer will go on to the next site and you will lose the business. Our Website Services surely can help you make your site is clear and beautiful on any device.  

Follow these tips to make sure that your online presence will be as strong as it can be for this important time of year. And remember Vista Digital Agency can help you with any adjustments, website issues, or digital advertising you may be interested in. 

Contact us today to discuss how Vista Digital Agency can help get your Website Holiday ready! 
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