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Step Into Spring by Cleaning up your Email Marketing Campaigns!

Spring is almost here!  Time for flowers and warm weather, and SPRING CLEANING!  But your house isn’t the only thing that needs a good clean-up and organization!  Spring is the perfect time to clean up your marketing plan, mainly your email marketing plan. Now is the time to get in touch with customers, and a solid email marketing plan is one of the most affordable and effective ways to shed some light on your business!  Here are a few ways that you can make that email advertising work even better for you –

  1. Freshen your contact list – Take time to remove those that may have unsubscribed or add those that have subscribed. Remove those addresses that bounce back keeping them on your list will really hurt your open rate.  Begin asking for email addresses from new clients so you can add new recipients of your e-news.  Add a “subscribe to our newsletter” button to your website.
  2. Update your email template. As cleaning continues take a look at the layout of your emails – It’s a new season- maybe a new look will be a sight for sore eyes.  Change the appearance with new colors and photos, making them more relavant. Your regular readers will recognize this and new ones will be impressed with the new design.
  3. Ask Your Readers’ input. Add a poll to your emails or run one on Social Media asking what your readers like best or would like to see more of. This is important information that will help you cater to your  current customers and hopefully attract new ones.

While there is more you can do to energize your email campaign, these simple steps will bring your email campaign to a new level and impress your current and new clients and customers. For more information on email marketing , call Kathryn Kelly at Vista Digital Agency and ask about our email marketing program.  At Vista Digital, we offer a highly targeted email marketing program that is solely permission-based.  Our emails are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant and DMA compliant.   Our email database is comprised of 120 million records with over 700 demographic and lifestyle selects so your email will be reaching the exact people that you want to reach.   We can help you send more dynamic and effective emails to people that will become future customers.  Kathryn Kelly 757-422-8979. Ext 130

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