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Matt Haddaway selected to participate in the 2019 Boardwalk Art Show!

matt haddaway

VistaGraphics Art Director Matt Haddaway has been selected to participate in the 2019 Boardwalk Art Show. The show runs from June 13-16, 2019, at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

matt haddawayMatt’s love of the tropics was instilled in him at birth. Born in Key West, Florida, he was exposed to gentle trade winds, aquamarine water and swaying palm trees at an early age. But the island lifestyle was short-lived. The son of a Navy chief, his family soon moved to Virginia Beach and has been here ever since. Here, he may have had to give up palm trees, but he loves still being surrounded by surf and sand.

His paintings range from realism to surrealism with the common thread of the ocean environment. His realistic work often has a “you are here” perspective. They invite the viewer to sort of step inside and enjoy the view. Even when he takes a surreal approach he weaves in recognizable elements in way that bridges reality and fantasy. Details often catch Matt’s eye and an entire piece could be inspired by the movement of water in a wave or the markings in a whale’s tail.

In order to be accepted to the 2019 Boardwalk Art Show you must submit samples of your work to a panel of judges who review and determine which artist will participate. Artist’s come from all over the country and all must exhibit only original work. This show is considered one of the top 40 art shows across the country with an average attendance of more than 200,000 over the four day event.

Please visit VistaGraphics very own Matt Haddaway at booth number #3119, next to the King Neptune statue. The show will run from June 13th-16th.

You can contact Matt Haddaway thru his website:

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