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Magazine Publishing Trends for 2023

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VistaGraphics is a magazine publishing power-house! We publish over 30 titles annually in the hospitality, lifestyle and specialized genres. With each publication, quality is the focus. We believe that the quality of the magazine affects the quality and receptiveness of the message. Print creates an emotional connection and builds relationships.

With that being said, every year we pay attention to the upcoming publishing trends to stay ahead of the consumers needs to create a visually appealing magazine that encourages readers to buy, or pickup and read.

Here are a few magazine publishing trends for 2023.

  1. Touch. Graphic designers love to see and touch their magazines and trust me the quality of the paper, the viscosity of the ink, all matter for a quality product.
  2. Coating. The quality of the coating will give any publication the 5 star finishing touch. The aqueous coating radiates a velvety finish that graphic designers love.
  3. Foils. Yes, they are back and in a big way! Foils give an amazing feel to an embossed logo, create contrast and adds flash and glitz to the finer details.
  4. Binding. Not all magazines need to be perfect bound. Binding does give a sleeker more polished look and feel but for 2023, prefect bound is not a necessity according to
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