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Kathryn Kelly Hired As Digital Marketing Director

kathryn kelly

VistaGraphics is pleased to welcome back Kathryn Kelly. Kathryn was with VistaGraphics for almost 10 years as our Web Marketing and Promotions Manager. During that time, she developed a unique skill set that helped to gain new subscribers to all our newsletters and created many of the contests we promote and manage each year.

Kathryn’s new role will be to drive more digital interest and revenue.  As our Digital Marketing Director, she will be charged with helping all team members with consistent messaging to their destination markets, along with specific outreaches.

Kathryn brings years of experience, professionalism and a commitment to excellence that is hard to match. She has the knowledge as well as the tools to help make sure that any business remains successful for years to come. Congratulations Kathryn!



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