Kallie Sutterluety Hired As Accounting Clerk

VistaGraphics is pleased to announce the hiring of our new Accounting Clerk, Kallie Sutterluety! Kallie comes to VistaGraphics with 3 plus years Human Resources knowledge and 5 plus years with Accounting and Payroll knowledge. Her current job responsibilities will include accounts receivable, accounts payable, daily deposits, payments and collections.

Kallie grew up in Akron, Ohio and moved to Virginia in 2011. She is a current TCC Undergraduate working on an Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration & Management. Kallie has decided to transfer to Old Dominion University to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management/Entrepreneurship.

In her free time, Kallie enjoys cooking and spending time with her fiancée of 6 years. She is looking forward to graduating college, and enjoys spending time with her circle of family and friends.

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