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Is your website bounce rate too high?

website bounce rate

Do you want to reduce your website’s bounce rate and increase your conversions?

Here is how to get started. It’s a good idea to identify the top pages with the highest bounce rate. Knowing the top bounce pages will help us identify the problem areas and fix them.

FYI: what is a good bounce rate? The general rule of thumb is that:
80%+ is very bad
70 – 80% is poor
50 – 70% is average
30 – 50% is excellent
20% or below is likely a tracking error (due to duplicate analytics code, incorrect implementation of events tracking, third-party addons)

There are more ways to improve your website’s bounce rate but these are the most easily managed to get started:
• Improve site speed by optimizing images and landing pages. (After IJ finishes the client website checks, she will start on the .guides and then all of the remaining corporate websites.)
• We can do split tests… Compare a poor page verse a good landing page. We compare two different landing pages to see how they perform…. And why one page is performing better than the other. And adjust the poor bounce ranking page accordingly.
• Add videos on the landing pages?
• Include a client testimonial slider on landing pages
• Create a consistent strategy such as posting on social media and linking back to the article on the guides. (We are doing this currently)
• Have a responsive website (Ours are already)

To find out how VistaGraphics can help your managed your website analytics, contact us today!

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