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Email Marketing: The Workhorse of Digital Advertising

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The Holidays are upon us, and for most business owners this is the time of year to engage with potential and current consumers. In this world of high-tech marketing programs and the importance of a good return on investment, it is important to make sure whatever marketing campaign you choose will give you the most bang for your buck. In other words, that campaign better accomplish lots of different goals and bring in lots of positive results. Among all the choices, Email Marketing remains the front-runner in this corral of strategies. Few marketing tools can check all of the boxes like email can.   


Email Marketing boasts the highest ROI of all instances of Marketing. 

The Average Return on Email is $36 for every $1 spent. This is impressive no doubt, especially when you consider that email is among one of the least expensive marketing tools out there. The statistics speak volumes to the effectiveness of email: 

  1. Email is 40% better at converting readers into customers. That’s better than Facebook and Instagram. 
  1. Email Marketing has the power to sway 50.7% of potential buyers into making the decision to become a customer. 
  1.  79% of E-mail marketers find email to be the most successful channel for content distribution and sales. 

(Statistics from Constant Contact) 

With the results being so easy to measure from an email marketing campaign, it will give you confidence in reinvesting your energy and hard-earned money into a proven vehicle that will lead people to your business, which is the goal in any marketing strategy. 

Increased Brand Awareness 

Including a logo on your Email is important mainly because well, you need your reader to know who the email is from. But it goes beyond “getting your name out there.” With emails you have the ability to consistently make contact and pass on valuable content. Eventually your audience will begin to recognize and even look forward to your emails. When someone gets to know your brand- they are more likely to become a loyal customer. The truth is when you add to your audience’s lives with your product or service by giving helpful information, or even just a “happy birthday” promo code, they will learn to appreciate and trust you. 

Email Marketing Can Improve Sales 

60% of consumers say that they have bought something as a result of an email received.  One reason for this is the ease that an email offers the consumer, they click a link, are taken directly to your website, and are able to seamlessly make a purchase.  People appreciate convenience and reward business owners that supply an easy transaction. Email marketing can cover many bases in one fell swoop, such as reconnecting with a customer who hasn’t purchased from you lately, encouraging them to come back, pump up referrals by encouraging your audience to share what you have sent with friends and family. The more targeted and interesting your message is, the more likely the reader will take the next step and become a customer. 

 Enhance your Time and Budget 

Limits on time and money are common with small business owners.  For some businesses, the sky is the limit with their advertising budget, but this is not true for many of us. Thank goodness email marketing costs are generally very low with many options as far as target audience, content, and extras. You can even schedule out emails so they virtually send themselves with little to no attention from you.   

Email is Easy to Track and Measure Successes 

One of the greatest features of email marketing is the ease of tracking your ROI.   If you use the correct tools, you can see exactly how many people are opening, reading, sharing and clicking on your email content. Checking website traffic is another barometer to see how well your email performed. Be aware of when your email sent- most people read emails within an hour of receiving it, check your website metrics to look for peaks in traffic, or use a special promo code that references the email so you will know exactly how many conversions that email created. 

 There are many more reasons that email marketing is a great choice for most advertisers.  The Holidays are a great time to use the benefits and cost-effectiveness of a great email to spread the word about your special holiday sale or event. And remember  Vista Digital Agency can help you with any Email Marketing campaigns or questions. Call Kathryn Kelly 757-422-8979 Ext 130 or email her @

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