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Digital Marketing Trends

digital marketing

Digital Marketing trends change every year. VistaGraphics is constantly doing the research to stay on top of their digital marketing game. New technologies emerge every year. Staying aware will helps VistaGraphics gain an edge in helping our clients grow their businesses in different ways and reach potential new leads with new customers.

The trends from previous years ranged from augmented reality to influencer marketing. As a client of VistaGraphics, you may be wondering, how does my business stay on top of digital marketing for my company?

Here are some key items to research on your own, or contact us and we can create a game plan for you and your company based upon your needs.
• Near-Me Search. Brick and mortar stores can use the “near-me” search to their advantage by creating ads for their business location.
• Voice Search. By 2022, 50% of all queries will be voice-based.
• Smarter Chat. Chatbots improve the customer experience and allows companies to converse with potential clients. The user gets a real time interaction.
• AR ads. Aumented reality ads are when a company creates an ad that runs on Facebook
• Facebook Live. Copanies are using Facebook Live feature to promote their company for events, special promotions etc.
• Email Marketing. Companies still use email marketing. It is an effective way to reach your customer base quickly.
• Sponsored Content. We promote client sponsored content on several of our website. Our clients use this as a way to promote their business or event.

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