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AdMessenger: A Mobile Strategy Like No Other

Example of AdMessenger on a Phone

 Did you know that the average person is faced with 6,000 – 10,000 ads per day?  One of the easiest and most dynamic digital marketing tools in digital marketing is AdMessenger. This is one of the easiest and effective ways for local advertisers to engage with consumers on their mobile devices. The ad appears as scrolling text with a logo at the bottom of well-known websites, like the Weather Channel, HG TV, and USA Today just to name a few.

All features in this program are easily customizable and there are NO production fees. Our team will work with you on design elements and your message.  AdMessenger can be used to announce any specials, discounts, packages, extended holiday hours, Black Friday Deals, and more. It is also extremely useful to advertise General advisory notices i.e. Blood drives, food drives, or positive PR items happening at your business. The list is practically limitless. Customized tap actions can direct the audience to a website, a map, an image, a video, social media, or even a phone call with just a tap of a finger. And if there is a change that needs to be made to the ad, it can be done in minutes with no difficulty.

AdMessenger allows advertisers to connect with prospects in real-time in any location thus driving traffic to stores, services or events while avoiding the pitfalls of traditional advertising options. And choosing where or who will see the ad can be broken down by lifestyle, income, age, interests, zip code, state and more.

Through case studies done with AdMessenger advertisers reported engagement was almost doubled compared to that of a regular digital ad. This tool is built to engage consumers, stand out from other ads, be easily created and launched, and deliver results. For a success story with AdMessenger click here.

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