Photography Portfolio
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Food Styling and Photography
We are known for the quality of our food photography. We can make your food – whether sizzling steaks, foamy beer, or colorful seafood - look as good as it tastes.
Exteriors require the right timing (season, time of day, weather). Interiors require the right lighting and design. Both need to communicate both the message and the magic of the setting.
We take both studio and environmental portraits; and while each has their advantage, the environmental portrait places the subject in his/her environment to capture the feel of what their life is all about.
Editorial Photography
Our photos can capture both the look and the feel of a place. Shopping, dining, and recreational activities all come to life with the right picture.
Weather and the time of day determine the success of every aerial photograph. Most are shot from helicopters, where we can select just the right height and angle for the most appealing image.
Product Photography
From a single item to a display of multiple items, we make your products look their best. Each product demands its own photo requirements of lighting and composition.
We work with both professional and first-time models to make clothing and accessories look their best. Even reluctant first-time models tell us their "debut" was fun, and it shows up in the photos.