Chesapeake Visitors Guide
Combining the Local Market & Visitor Market...
The annual Chesapeake Visitor's Guide section will appear in Coastal Virginia Magazine. Additionally, this section will be written, produced and overprinted by 125,000 copies for marketing use by Chesapeake Conventions and Tourism. The goal is to inform the residents of Hampton Roads and visitors of the overall charm and reasons to visit Chesapeake. As a result of our partnership, all businesses included in this area have subsidized-discounted rates, along with tremendous circulation.

Overall: Reaching Hampton Roads favorable residents, visitors and people planning to visit.
Total combined circulation: 165,000
About Coastal Virginia Magazine:
-40,000 circulation (255,000 readership)
-Regional distribution via subscriptions and newsstands from Williamsburg to Gloucester to Virginia Beach.
-94% are 35 or older with 62% having incomes above $75,000.
-Readers enjoy dining, performing arts, traveling & shopping.
-Being the area's city and lifestyle publication advertisers are viewed as dynamic and industry leaders.

Chesapeake Visitor's Guide:
-125,000 copies will be printed in addition to the 40,000 in Coastal Virginia Magazine.
-These 125,000 supplement copies will be distributed in the following manners: Chesapeake hotels, motels and area visitor centers. Also mailed in response to all visitor inquiries made to Chesapeake Convention and Tourism.

The Chesapeake Visitors Guide Virtual Magazine (VBook)